by Lynn on January 30, 2015

The Living Planner has a new face and a new site! is a site where you may take a Readiness Assessment, buy the e and print versions of my book, sign up for the Get Started NOW package with me, contact me to provide an in-organization workshop and more!

I have 28 years of hands-on experience as an aviation volunteer emergency team responder, daughter and friend who has combined practicality with compassion into The Living Planner.

Organizing while living can be done be anyone. I am a powerful force of compassion plus experience. I am detailed, organized, thorough, can compartmentalize big emotional issues during times of transition/crisis. I have accumulated the expertise to outline for others how to make sure the practical side of life is “covered” before the transition from life of loved ones.

Contact me to discuss private consultations or to conduct a workshop for your organization. I look forward to guiding you on your path of organizing for your transition from life.

May you live life fully, Lynn



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