Free Resources

My dad’s was nicknamed “Lammy” at a very young age and most people didn’t realize his given name was Robert!  He was a source of inspiration for me throughout his life on this planet.  His memory lives on in my and I’ve named this site Ewe Matter in memory of him.  Yes, it is a way for me to keep his memory close and to honor the fact that YOU do matter in your lifetime.

Gain instant access to the resources I reference in my book to use as you begin to document important people, documents and resources NOW, while you are living.  Pictures of the actual documents I use throughout the year aren’t enough for you to get into action!

I’ve uploaded the files to download and use in conjunction with the Book. Expect communication from me every month or so, with an action tip for the month.  In this way, I’ll be your accountability partner, encouraging you to take consistent action.

Feel free to contact me and let me know how you’re doing, what you find helpful, if you desire additional information, etc.

May you live life fully,