Ewe Matter was designed to share knowledge and experiences to provide insight, encourage and inspire others to take action and better their lives.  The death of a loved one is a huge loss.  It is a time for allowing emotions, processing grief and being with loved ones.  Coping with handling day to day issues falls low on the list of priorities, yet, items of importance require attention.   Being organized while living helps everyone and is the impetus for the first offering, a Book titled, “The Living Planner”.

This book includes four easy to use Action Sheets for individual completion: Pre-Death, At-Death and Post-Death of a Loved One.  Preparing for the practical matters of death while we are busy living our lives does not come naturally for most.  For me, planning for life includes planning for death.  Dealing with end of life details requiring immediate attention can be tedious and emotionally overwhelming – especially when it is your loved one.

I hadn’t found resources to assist me with the practical matters of death when I needed to take care of important details for my family/friends, thus I wrote one!  It is written as an overview and contains a tremendous amount of information, packed in a short manual.

I aim to reduce the stress and pressures of “what to do” after a loved one dies by educating and empowering people in the United States to document what you have, what you want and how you want it , now while you are living.

I’ve launched a new website www.thelivingplanner.com.  I invite you to check it out and determine if you are ready to get started!    Contact me:  Lynn@thelivingplanner.com

As Mother Teresa once said, “We can do no great things; we can do only small things with great love.”